Ahrens Family Stellenbosch OVC Old Vine Chenin 2018

THE AHRENS FAMILY Stellenbosch OVC 2019

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This is the coolest of the three OVC (Old Vine Chenin) vineyard sites.  The paradox is that it is still the warmest part of Stellenbosch.  The balance of acidity in all three of the Ahrens OVC's are achieved by harvesting in stages of ripeness.  Typically 33% early for freshness and acid, 33% at optimal ripeness and 33% late harvested for richness and beautiful ripe Chenin flavour.  The wine is medium bodied with floral aromas and minerality on the palet.  The fruit profile is predominantly yellow.

Soil:  Younger Decomposed Granite

Cépage:  Old Bush-Vine Chenin Blanc plated in 1982