Authentic.  Creative.  Unique.  Paserene is a small, family operated winery owned by Martin Smith and Ndabe Mareda, the sole purpose of which is to produce high-end, luxury wines. Great care was given to ensure that the wines produced, and artwork on the labels, are truly authentic to its “sense of place and people” and will guarantee a lasting legacy. 

The name Paserene comes from the Latin word Passeriformes, the order of "traveling and free" birds containing swifts and swallows. Paserene is situated in the quaint town of Franschhoek and is home to their award-winning wine range. A professional and contemporary tasting lounge is situated on the property.

Paserene's wines are crafted by winemaker Martin Smith.  His first experience in the wine industry began during school when he spent a week at Nuy Winery. After high school - and an educational jaunt in Portugal at Amorim Cork - Martin studied viticulture and winemaking at Elsenburg Agricultural College, near Stellenbosch. This was swiftly followed by a practical stint at Vriesenhof Vineyards. Spreading his wings, Martin spent five years at Cosentino Winery in California’s Napa Valley. Then, in 2006, his journey took him to Caldwell Winery, where he worked with many high-profile winemakers, such as Tim Mondavi and Phillipe Melka. Another five years rolled past and Smith had to make a decision about whether to stay in the United States or come back to South Africa. He was then offered a job as wine-maker at Vilafonte, which after six years, he describes as his final step towards starting Paserene.

For all his intensity, Martin is also laid back – that’s the surfer in him – with quick jokes and genuine warmth that makes him easy to talk to.